Seductive Objects



Seductive Objects

Abandoned places, buildings that I visited. In Attica, the Peloponnese, throughout Continental Greece… Simple, almost “Doric” houses, imposing mansions, factories and churches. Old and older, dilapidated and half empty, all of them stubbornly stand upright in the merciless passage of time…


In a world characterized by constant change, movement and the inevitable decay of matter, my project “Seductive Objects” attempts to highlight this continuous sequential volatility and deterioration of styles, shapes and objects. The position and their status, both on emotional and metaphysical level, through the passage of time, and after the life’s ending of their physical owner, with the necessary help and assistance of light and wind, emerges and is shown again , with the seal of finite years strongly impressed, finally giving them a different role now, perhaps even seductive…


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