In A Lonely Place


In A Lonely Place

People don’t get upset because of certain situations, but because of their notions about them. Death is not horrifying; If it was, it would be so for Socrates too. Death becomes horrifying due to the idea of horror.  Epictetus (Enchiridion, V)

Walking in a lonely place… through the alleys of old historic cemeteries, may sound strange and may sometimes attract curious eyes from those who feel awkward with the idea of death. Usually, someone doesn’t come across such a thing in a free time activities list. However great sculptures and works hide in such places combined with history and the gloomy atmosphere makes this a very special stroll that I often enjoy not only by the photographer’s point of view.

The sunbeams suddenly appearing through the trees giving life to the dusty statues frozen look, the solemn silence and gloomy atmosphere makes the wind and the moving leaves on the ground sound like a distant melody. A chance to stand in front of many historic personalities’ graves and read their beloved quotes engraved on their tombs. A neighborhood existing both on earth and in the skies…

Angels’ statues standing affectionate and sorrowful over tombs – works of art, untouched by time, becoming more enchanting, keeping in memory loved ones long gone…

The experience of such a walk raises questions on our existence, on life and death and an inner conversation starts almost inevitably in such a lonely place…


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