Bliss On The Beach


Bliss On The Beach

In these difficult times of cultural and economic crisis that we experience in Greece, the beaches offer moments of relaxation and bliss to their visitors, since they live and play without worries, they relax and reveal hidden aspects of themselves.

By approaching them, I became one with the swimmers and the walkers of every gender and age, observing the various feelings they manifest through their spontaneous movements at random moments, something that you find difficult in the city in such a large variety and frequency. The challenge that borned through this project took place on the beaches of Attica, which are close to the city center. They have always triggered my interest and motivated me to work in this field many times throughout the years. The features I stood out for decoding these scenes were, among other things, the depiction of their fleeting but steady gaze and their body language.

So the color and schematic diversity of unanticipated comportment of people together with their interaction with the environment inspired me to approach this theme through my lens.


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