A Place Among Them


A Place Among Them



This is a part of a long term project. It springs from my personal need of realizing and understanding the world. I describe concepts we all experience in life and every individual is able to decode them his own way through photographic image. It includes images we see for just an instant but are eventually captured and reflected on our life’s “wall” and affect our psyche in the long-term. I started as an unseen watcher wandering in Athens and Copenhagen mostly, as also in Istanbul, Belgrade, Tel Aviv and many more, walking on the line between reverie and reality and capturing scenes which showed emotion not always readable by the conscious. The protagonists were random people of every age, moving in parallel never meeting each other. Sometimes happy with glowing faces and carefree bodies, other times worried, concerned and silent with faces etched from the corrosion of time. I moved naturally and spontaneously working quietly and respectfully, without staging anything around me and using the natural lighting available. By capturing small events of everyday life, I aimed at revealing human aspects in the little valuable escapes of life as I experience them and see them around me and might be unnoticed by other people. These show an endless pursuit that every human being is in experiencing his personal surviving struggle, through every big city, where loneliness and solitude seem to be the epidemic of the 21st century.

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