About Me


“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
Edgar Degas, (1834–1917), French painter and sculptor.

I’m Greek photographer, borned and raised in Athens, which now also serves as my professional photographic base. Although I do travel extensively, on various personal photo assignments, throughout the country and abroad last 5 years. My primary photographic goal is to capture strong visual elements, such as mystery, feelings, harmony & simplicity, importing the surrealist and lyric dimension to the little facts of our daily life.

This unique art also exists as an artistic expression of myself, a great field of continuous self-discovery, a path for personal creative fulfillment through the ever-changing vision of this world. I consider that photography isn’t only a form, but a visual poetry. It includes concerns, well hidden secrets, dreams and many more hinted by the geometric deception we call framing.

I’m Official Fujifilm X-Photographer since 2016. My photos have been published on numerous websites and magazines in Greece and abroad. Kindly note that all material presented in this website is fully copyrighted. If you wish to purchase images please contact me.